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General Information

General Information

At Kuwait International English School we aim to develop positive self-esteem in each and every child by creating a safe, welcoming, caring environment where relationships are based on respect. We believe where there is good behaviour, effective learning can take place. Students flourish best when their personal, social and emotional needs are met and where there are clear and appropriate expectations for their behaviour. We teach students at KIES that the views and feelings, needs and rights of others are important and also highlight the impact that their behaviour has on other people.

The principles that underpin how we achieve positive and considerate behaviour exist within our everyday school life and also our program for promoting personal, social and emotional development.  At KIES, we expect high standards of behaviour throughout.

Praise and recognition for good behaviour and a caring attitude towards others are regularly shared with the students in a variety of ways. Poor behaviour or any acts of aggression are dealt with immediately in a fair, firm and effective way.

Students should arrive at school no earlier than 7.00 am. The School day starts at 7.15am and ends for Kindergarten and Reception at 1.00 pm. Primary and secondary students end their day at 2:15 pm.

All students are expected to be punctual and ready to learn when they arrive at school. If a pupil is absent, a letter explaining the reasons must sent to school and, where necessary, a doctor’s report or certificate must be included. 

Attendance has a direct impact on a student’s learning, grades and attainment. Unexplained absences are not tolerated by the school. We would request all parents inform the school of any absences. The school will contact you if an absence persists for three days or more. If a student is absent for over 15 consecutive days, or for more than 50% of a term, the Ministry of Education will informed.

Parents’ meetings will take place regularly over the year. Meetings will take place in October, again in January after Mid-Year Reports and Assessments and finally in April. Parents are able to make appointments to see teaching staff throughout the year by contacting the school receptionist or the class teacher directly.

A range of extra-curricular activities are available for students in both Primary and Secondary Departments. Activities take place after school and include a variety of sporting and academic clubs. Students are encouraged to enhance their skills, enjoy friendly competition, develop socially and have fun. Bus transport cannot be provided for pupils who attend after school clubs, parents must arrange to collect their children after these activities.

  • The school will supervise children who are not picked up on time but will charge KD5 daily for every hour or part thereof after these times, for late collection. This must be paid on the day or at the latest the day after to the school cashier.
  • A ‘Late Club’ will be organised for Primary and Secondary students, which parents can sign up to at a charge of KD15 per week per child which will run from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Students attending ‘Late Club’ will be supervised by a member staff and small activities arranged.

KIES runs a pastoral house system that is designed to give students a sense of belonging, promote personal development and encourage healthy competition. Through both academic and sporting achievement and effort pupils can earn House Points. In line with our positive discipline policy in school, rewards for are given for achievement, effort, caring or simply helping in a variety of areas of school life. All students are allocated a House with whom they can identify and belong. For secondary pupils, house colour ties are available at the uniform shop and should be worn at all times.

Buses will be available for most districts and enquiries can be made at the school, through the school contracted bus transport company. We operate a two-way bus service.