• Admission

Admission Requirements


To maintain the position of The Kuwait International English School (KIES) as a Centre of excellence, it is essential that the students who gain admission meet standards that enable them to gain as much as possible from their learning experiences.

We aim to make the process of finding out about our school and applying for a place for your child as straightforward as possible and we hope you find the information within this section useful.

KIES is a school that has high academic expectations and students must be able to cope with the demands of the education that are placed upon them. Students are tested before they enter the school. The entrance test is used to assess whether a student is suitable to enter the school. The mainstream school does not provide support necessary for student with severe learning difficulties.

  • On arrival, a copy of all required paperwork and the student’s previous school report is requested.
  • If required a brief interview may be held with the parents of a new student.
  • The student may also be interviewed by the school counsellor, if required.
  • The assessment consist of a Registration test where the student’s academic level and suitability are assessed.
  • It is the Head of Department’s decision as to whether a student is accepted or not. No student will be allowed admission to KIES unless they meet the entry requirements.
  • Any serious discipline concerns are grounds for non-acceptance.
  • If a student has passed the assessment test they go along with all paperwork and forms to the school accounts department, where a KD100 deposit is paid to complete the registration process. It is not possible to register a student without all the necessary paperwork. This must be brought into school at the time of the interview.


Please note that the entrance test fee of 25 KWD is a non-refundable payment.

Documents required for Registration New enrollment:

  1. 100 KD registration fees + assessment test 25 KD (non-refundable)
  2. Recent Students photographs (2)
  3. Civil ID copy (both sides) of the student , mother and father
  4. Copy of valid passport of student, Mother and Father
  5. Copy of birth certificate
  6. Copy of vaccination record
  7. Transfer certificate from the previous school
  8. Last school report from the previous school
  9. Clearance letter from the previous school
  10. Medical file form the previous school

Documents required for Re - Registration:

  1. New photograph of the student
  2. Complete School Re- Registration form
  3. Civil ID of the student , mother and father
  4. Copy of student, Mother and Father passport (All document should be valid in case of renewal of residency or passport document )

Documents required for Students’ from outside Kuwait:

  1. Complete registration form
  2. Students photographs (2)
  3. Civil ID of the student , mother and father (in case Civil ID is not yet issued , copy of the entry visa)
  4. Copy of residency of entry visa (after completion of residency formalities, documents shall be presented to the school registration department)
  5. Copy of birth certificate
  6. Copy of vaccination record
  7. Last school report from the previous school to be authenticated from ministry of education of home country and Ministry of foreign affairs

Minimum age for admission (On 1st Day of new Academic Year) :

Level Years Months
Kindergarten 3 6
Reception 4 6
Year 1 5 6
Year 2 6 6
Year 3 7 6
Year 4 8 6
Year 5 9 6
Year 6 10 6
Year 7 11 6
Year 8 12 6
Year 9 13 6
Year 10 14 6
Year 11 15 6
Year 12 16 6