Foundation Stage Department

At the Kuwait International English School, we provide a safe and secure space where each child is treated as an individual learner. We know that every child has a unique learning curve and with regular assessments, we embrace each child’s changing needs during their entire foundation stage.

Kindergarten-level children are encouraged to learn through play using a variety of teacher-led and child initiated activities to enable steady progress in the early years. A range of stimulating resources is available to motivate and challenge inquisitive young minds, providing opportunities to explore and learn in a friendly atmosphere. Although importance is placed on social skills such as sharing, listening and being kind to each other, our aim is to surround children in an inspiring, language-rich environment to encourage an early grasp of phonetics that will help reading skills further down the line.

Reception-level children enjoy more structure to their day, with lessons on Phonics and Numeracy, along with playtime activities. We encourage learning through phonetic recognition and writing, word building skills, reading simple sentences and early mathematics. This is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage system using Jolly Phonics, Letters and Sounds and Collins mathematics scheme. And guided by our adapted English curriculum, we deliver the educational skills and knowledge for easy transition to Primary school.

Parents play a vital part in educating their children and bringing out the best in them through play. We are always available to offer advice and explain our ‘learning through play’ teaching method, and welcome new and existing parents to come in and discover our bright, colourful classrooms and fun ‘Role Play’ room.