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As parents, you need to look after your own wellbeing. Wellbeing is more than your physical health – it involves your emotional, social and mental health too. Self-care is a constant process for humans and involves a lot of different, small things such as enough sleep, a healthy diet, regular exercise, connecting with others and relaxation. A working parent can easily forget to take care of themselves.


Self-care tips:


  • Taking care of yourself is the first step in being able to care for others and in avoiding that empty tank.
  • Try to make sure you and your children have time together outside in the open air each day. Enjoy the little things: the taste of a cup of tea or fruit juice, the smell of the herbs in your cooking, the sight of the flowers in a park or garden. Savour the small pleasures! 
  • It is so important not to lose contact with family and friends or even your neighbours, when we are all spending more time locked away at home – so meet up on virtual tools. Facial expressions can help increase connection. Talk, listen and above all stay connected.  
  • Read a book, anything you like, a magazine, a book on parenting or any other topic of your choice. A cup of tea or coffee will add to the moment.
  • Pamper yourself with a warm shower and if possible, a massage. It will detoxify your body and be a good stress reliever
  • Walking can be a very good exercise for your mind and body. Choose an area which is silent and has lots of greenery. The clean air will make you feel fresh.
  • It’s vital to stay active as we are all spending long hours online. Try out some new indoor activities, exercise and get the children involved. You could do online yoga or workouts together or tidy the house together. Keep a daily routine ongoing as much as possible. Above all, taking charge of your life at home and getting your whole family involved in this, will help you all come together and feel more united.


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